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How do I use this web-app?

you get a list of all your image names an paste it into the "source" field. In order to get such a list, you can use the following command on Mac: ls ~/ECLIPSE/Workspace/IconPack-Template-master/IconPack-Template/res/drawable-xxhdpi/ > ~/Desktop/icons_list.txt Replace IconPack-Template-master/IconPack-Template according to your setup (also the eclipse folder). This simple command will list all files from the drawable-xxhdpi folder in a text file on your desktop called icons_list.txt
The next step is to open the file and paste the text into the source folder, you might need to press enter and you're done!
The options below can be useful as well.

I will update the drawable.xml generator with more options later, at the moment you'll have to copy the text and place it between </version> and </resources>

I don't have a Windows or Linux Computer, so I can't find out which command to use for listing all files in a folder, this link might be useful for you. Pease tell me in the comments below which command to use on other operating systems and I will update this site!

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